Road Map - v1.1 - Oct 2019 




  1. The RESEARCH COLLECTIVE will issue attestations, examinable on distributed ledgers (such as Ethereum), that a certain public key, or set of keys, belongs to a certain individual or group.   These virtual ‘badges’ will allow patients, researchers, clients, and suppliers to be sure they are dealing with the right entity, even if they are pseudonymous.
  2. The COLLECTIVE will form an ‘Institutional Review Board’ so that both named and pseudonymous entities can seek approval for their projects, in the form of an immutable distributed ledger entry. This will allow researchers outside of academia to satisfy ethical considerations while potentially gaining access to institutional resources for doing so.
  3. The COLLECTIVE’s attestation system is expanded so that any  user may participate in spinning the web-of-trust. Users may issue attestations on identity, propose projects, and name their collaborators. If both collaborators consent ahead of time, they may issue ‘warranted’ feedback on each other at their project’s conclusion. This decentralized reputation system will allow rapid identification of both the best and worst actors of the space, empowering informed decisions when it comes to finding collaborators or suppliers.
  4. The attestation system will expand to attributions, permitting seamless collaboration through the use of autonomous wealth sharing pathways. For example, a plasmid design may be licensed such that anyone commercializing an exact copy must forward all profits through an Ethereum smart contract that sends 50% to the creator; or 25% if the work is derivative but not identical.


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